Accessories for metalworking machines primarily help improve work efficiency, ensure accuracy, safety, and increase the lifespan of the machinery. Here are some common accessories:

1. Lathe and Milling Machine Accessories:
Used for cutting, milling, turning, drilling, etc. operations.

2. Dust Covers:
Protect the machine and the user from sparks, debris, or spraying oil and grease.

3. Plasma Cutting Sources:
A core component in plasma cutting systems for sheet metal.

4. Laser Cutting Sources:
A core component in laser cutting systems for sheet metal.

5. Plasma and Laser Cutting Accessories:
Accessories and spare parts for plasma and laser cutting systems.

6. TIG Welding Grinder Accessories:
Accessories to replace parts in TIG welding grinders.

Remember, selecting and using the right accessories for metalworking machines not only increases work efficiency but also ensures the longevity of the equipment.