When purchasing a TP915 tapping machine, it should still be in its original packaging, with parts disassembled for easy transportation. When customers use it, they will either install it themselves or seek assistance from the supplier.

Today, Vietweld will share with you a video guide on installing the TP915 tapping machinelet’s watch it together:

The TP915 tapping machine with a servo motor is considered a top-notch device among tapping machines in Vietnam. It helps businesses handle complex tasks that require delicacy and skill.

With the tapping machine equipped with a servo motor from Vietweld, you can be completely confident in the products you produce.

Vietweld commits:

  • Commitment to price
  • Commitment to quality
  • Commitment to stock availability and quick delivery
  • Commitment to genuine products
  • Commitment to support consultation until the customer is proficient

Vietweld is currently the official authorized distributor of TAIPU products by DONECNC in Vietnam. We ensure that the information we provide is completely accurate.

Currently, Vietweld is selling various Servo electric tapping machine products such as:

  • TP915-12A, TP1100-24A(U), TP1100-30A(U), TP1300-42A(UD), TP1300-60A(UD), TP915-16A, TP1800-16A(U), TP2000-24A(U), TP2000-30A(U)
  • 3E1100-12I, 3E1100-16, 3E1100-16I, 3E1500-24, 3E1500-24I, 3E1500-30I…

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