If there is a company where you can find a blend of work and life, it is VIETWELD. With a superior, creative, and disciplined work environment. VIETWELD is not only a place to help you develop your career but also a place that cares for you and your family. A place where each member clearly feels appreciated and honored.

In the summer of 2023, VIETWELD organizes a summer vacation at COTO Island for all company members and their families. This is not just an interesting vacation trip but also an occasion to express gratitude for the continuous contributions and efforts of each member towards the overall development of the company.

COTO Sea – with its fine sand and clear blue waters, is truly an ideal location for us to enjoy relaxing moments together, rest after stressful working months. This place not only brings relaxation but also helps us strengthen relationships, understand each other better, and create memorable experiences together.

At VIETWELD, we believe that building a positive work environment, where everyone shares, learns, and grows together, will lead to greater outcomes. Joining VIETWELD, you are not just an employee but an important part of a large family.

Promoting the brand and developing the business is not just about increasing sales or expanding the market. It is also about building a good work environment where people can bond and create success together. Come to VIETWELD, join us in making a difference and collectively succeeding. The motto of VIETWELD has always been “Only together We can do it“.
We invite our customers and partners to enjoy the collection of photos full of our experiences.


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