Unlike servo motor-driven tapping machines, pneumatic tapping machines use compressed air instead of electricity. That is the difference. The pneumatic tapping machine is a type of peripheral equipment that can be integrated with the existing pneumatic system in the workshop for tapping applications – creating threads on products.

The characteristic of the pneumatic tapping machine is its arm-like design, which can be articulated and moved flexibly over a large area, hence, this type of machine is often used for tapping on large-sized parts.

This is why many workshops seek out this type of machine. At Vietweld, we distribute this product line. However, for detailed advice on the product, please contact: Or 0915 933 363 or switch to the email: vietweld@gmail.com

The product is distributed by Vietweld Company in large quantities.

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If you need advice on this product, please contact Vietweld:


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