VIETWELD has handed over a 16 bar high-pressure air compressor integrated with a pressure vessel and drying filtration system to a customer using a RIBAO brand fiber laser cutting machine. RIBAO is a well-known air compressor brand in the Chinese market and globally, particularly for air compressors specifically designed for use with fiber laser cutting machines today. The machine is combined with an inverter, which reduces energy costs, starts very smoothly, and operates with low noise.

Below are some interactive images of Vietweld with the customer.

may nen khi cho may cat fiber laser

Function of the Air Compressor:

The air compressor is capable of increasing the pressure of gases. It draws air from the environment and stores a sufficient amount of air in the tank, along with a relatively high internal pressure.
From the air tank, the air moves to tools and equipment that operate with the support of the air compressor’s energy.

Applications of Air Compressors in Various Industries:

  • Air compressors are used by customers operating fiber laser cutting machines.
  • Air compressors are used to inflate floats in swimming pools.
  • Air compressors supply air to amusement equipment.
  • Air compressors are used in motorcycle maintenance and repair shops.
  • Used in the mining industry.
  • Supports the production of electronic components and assembly.

Why should you use air compressors from Vietweld Company?

Vietweld Company specializes in providing machinery and equipment for industries, manufacturing, and mechanics, including reputable RIBAO brand air compressors.
-RIBAO air compressors create higher pressure than other air compressors, saving labor time and effort.
-RIBAO air compressors consume less power, so your production costs will also be significantly reduced.
-RIBAO air compressors are equipped with anti-vibration systems and noise reduction, making them operate more smoothly than other compressors.
-RIBAO air compressors have a long lifespan.
If you are interested in purchasing various types of air compressors at Vietweld, please contact us for consultation:


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